Belgrade Audio Video Show 2019

16th - 17th November 2019 Crowne Plaza Hotel

BGAVS 2019

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16th - 17th November 2019

More Than Usual Hi-Fi Show...

After exceptionally successful premier edition in 2018, that for the first time presented top brands in luxurious surroundings of Crowne Plaza hotel in Belgrade, this year we continue our mission to bring the wider audience as possible closer to the latest accomplishments in audio technology, building loudspeakers designed to perfection, headphones, digital audio and high resolution video.

We invite you to join us and enjoy the top products in the best light in the best conditions. The devices will fully shine and leave a permanent and lasting impression for the audience hungry for top audio and visual experience!

Goal of this Show is to enable the visitors the experience of audio and video segment in completely real and relaxing environment, like in the privacy of their own home, far away from the noise Fair Venues and the supermarket shelves.

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Exhibitors and brands 2019

Event organizer: Providence d.o.o.